Texas Haunted Houses

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In honor of Halloween, we’ve put together a short list of the most haunted properties in Texas! Read it, if you dare. Have you been to any of these Texas haunted houses?

The Emily Morgan

The Emily Morgan Hotel wasn’t always a hotel. Built in 1924, the building served as a Medical Arts Building that housed doctors’ offices and a hospital. Perhaps the building’s origins have contributed to strange reports of ghostly figures walking the halls. Today it’s easily one of the most haunted hotels in San Antonio, and guests can request to stay on paranormally active floors!

The Emily Morgan
[Photo via The Emily Morgan Hotel – a DoubleTree by Hilton]

The Littlefield House

The Littlefield House is a well-known gem located on the University of Texas at Austin grounds. The home was build in 1894 by Major Littlefield and his wife Alice, and still proudly shows its charming Victorian style today. But the eerie feeling inside can’t be ignored, with several reports that Alice Littlefield still resides in the house after death.

The Little Field House
[Photo via http://ow.ly/DD2of]

Miss Molly’s Hotel

Miss Molly’s Hotel is said to be one of the most paranormal places in Fort Worth. It’s old enough to have experienced the Wild West and America’s speak easy days, and provided a resting place for all sorts of characters. Apparently some of those characters decided not to leave, with guests reporting lights turning on and off by themselves, and belongings disappearing. Some guests have even claimed to have seen the ghost of a cowboy lounging in the aptly named Cowboy Room.

Miss Molly's Hotel
[Photo via http://ow.ly/DD2vZ]

The Hooley Mansion

The Hooley Mansion is a former bed and breakfast in Houston that was deemed a haunted house after a few unexplained deaths during the 1970s. It is featured in the book 13: An American Horror Story by Seph Lawless, an artist and photographer who travelled to the most haunted houses in America.

The Hooley Mansion
Photo via Business Insider]

The Ashton Villa Mansion

The Ashton Villa Mansion is a Texas Haunted House that was built by James Brown right before the Civil War. The sprawling mansion in Galveston was used as a hospital for Confederate soldiers after the war began. Brown continued to live in the house with his daughter, Bettie Brown, a stunning woman with a free spirit who’s presence is still felt in the house today. Her favorite rooms are The Gold Room and the central stairway.

The Ashton Villa
[Photo via http://ow.ly/DD2Hq]