Why You Need a Tablet at Your Open House

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As a real estate agent you’re familiar with the steps leading up to an open house, and you’re even more familiar with how hectic that day can be. To make things go as smoothly as possible for yourself and every guest who shows, bring a tablet. The easy-to-use, lightweight device will do wonders for helping you navigate through the day. Here’s why:

Simplify Signing In

With the technology possibilities today, setting out a paper and pen by the front door won’t do. Having people quickly type in their name and email is not only a great way to collect leads, but also helps you avoid having to read through illegible information. Once people sign in their information is immediately in your system, so you can save time entering handwritten info into your computer later. An app like Open Home Pro quickly collects necessary information and lets you add notes while giving them a tour of the property.

Open Pro
[Photo via http://openhomepro.com/]

Lighten Your Equipment

No one wants to juggle a camera, smartphone, folder, business card and whatever else you can think of while trying to sell a home. Carrying a tablet at your open house simplifies all of these things down to one, light device. There are also plenty of apps out there to help you with your photography skills.

Access Your Resources

You’re bound to get a few questions that you’re unsure of a solid answer. Not familiar with great restaurants nearby or crime stats in the area? A quick Google search from your tablet will take care of that.

More importantly, you’ll have readily available access to HipPocketz. If you’ve captured a better photo or need to update your pocket listing, the app will work seamlessly from your tablet.

[Photo via http://www.stocksy.com/]
Original post via RealtyTimes