Smart Home Technology Trends for 2015

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The home buying process can be relatively easy for customers who have a clear idea of what they want. Beyond basic necessities, homebuyers are showing a greater interest in homes that incorporate smart home technology that integrates with their phone.

Most of us have a “never disconnected” mentality, and it looks like that idea is translating to how we manage and live in our homes. Sellers haven’t ignored this trend, since 51 percent would consider installing smart home technology just to give homebuyers an added incentive to choose their house over another’s on the block.

Millennials are Going Green

Millennials have spearheaded the movement, since they are ten times more likely than Generation Xers to consider this update, while 7 in 10 millennials consider it important that their smart home technology integrates with their smartphone.

More importantly, half of millennials already incorporate energy management technology in their current homes, compared to a third of Generation X and Baby Boomers. These facts are something for real estate agents to consider, since millennials could make up the largest group of homebuyers by the end of 2015.

Smart Home Technology

Infographic via ERA