Be the Gatekeeper of Your Listing Data

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Veteran real estate agents can remember when MLS data was printed, bound and delivered to brokerages as exclusive information kept under close watch.

Today the onset of new technology has led to an information overload in the real estate industry, with data available in every corner of the web. Now consumers need the guidance of a real estate agent more than ever to filter through the material.

While the online MLS provided benefits to agents, other syndicators presented a whole new set of challenges. Agents were hard-pressed to regain control of quality online data, with many of them choosing to sell homes outside of the MLS and syndicators altogether. Many markets across the US have reported from 15% to 30% of homes being sold outside of the MLS.

Moving Away from the MLS

MLS Move-Out

These private listings are sold through agent offices, e-flyers and private Facebook groups. Pocket listings, as these listing are referred to, have been somewhat successful but there’s a disconnect of data, lack of organization, and a growing controversy about proper exposure and top selling prices.

HipPocketz began as a solution to the issues surrounding pocket listings. We’re the first large-scale site to offer a marketplace where agents from all companies can share private listings online. We provide another option for agents seeking a strong foundation of quality listings to enhance private sales.

We hope to attract agents who value preservation of accurate data and the desire to provide qualified options for their clients, whether it’s a property that meets a client’s standards or a buyer who’s been pre-qualified by their agent.

HipPocketz is Designed for the Agent’s Lifestyle

Agent's Lifestyle

As real estate agents ourselves, we place great value in technology that allows us to update and list on the go, which is why we’ve made HipPocketz easily accessible on cell phones, tablets, laptops or desktops.

An agent can create a new listing or update them in an average of 7 minutes. And because no listing is complete without photos, agents can screenshot photos from a cell phone or tablet and load them directly into their listing in seconds.

Changing the Future of Private Listings

The Future of Real Estate

HipPocketz plans to launch as an agent-to-agent private listing marketplace in many of the largest real estate markets in Texas. As we grow we plan to launch a consumer site that will provide even more marketing options and lead generators for agents.

Our Hip Agent’s satisfaction is at the top of our priorities, and we encourage feedback from members to achieve the best experience possible. There are plans to expand our listing features and agent offerings based on your requests, so make sure to email our team with your “Wish List.”

In the meantime, visit HipPocketz to get early access to our site!