HipPocketz Launches New Pre-MLS Feature

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Real Estate Startup Is Changing The Way Agents Market Pre-MLS And Private Real Estate Listings; Dedicated To Providing Better Access To A Previously Hidden Real Estate Market

HipPocketz, a private real estate listing marketplace, announces the launch of the new pre-MLS listing feature on their Beta testing site. HipPocketz is the first of its kind to offer a real-time, searchable, universally responsive database with targeted exposure for pre-MLS and private real estate listings. The HipPocketz platform provides an organized and transparent approach to accessing the broad number of previously hidden pre-MLS and off-MLS real estate listings which make up an average of 30% of the market share in several major cities across the U.S. according to Realtor.org.

The pre-MLS feature will provide a resource for agents to pre-market listings and offer buyers more opportunities to qualify or purchase a home before it is listed in the MLS. Many cities across the country are reporting market areas experiencing increasing numbers of listings selling before they are listed in the MLS. The HipPocketz Pre-MLS feature identifies pre-market properties on the site maximizing exposure for these types of listings. This feature will join the well received “pocket listing database” already in use by many top producing real estate agents.


Since the beta site launched on January 21st, 2015, agents have added over $200 Million worth of off-MLS real estate listings to the site ranging from $400,000 to over $19 Million. While the average listing price on the site is higher than the national average, HipPocketz helps facilitate transactions in all price points. Agents are able to choose the desired type of exposure their pre-MLS and pocket listings receive by using privacy settings to designate them for agent-only viewing, or public viewing accessible through a sharable, direct link. The site also offers additional marketing for select properties including eflyers, social media sharing, The HipList Blog and preferred partner opportunities.

“Members can log on 24 hours a day from almost any device and immediately access a previously non-existent centralized, searchable list of real estate listings.”

HipPocketz allows agents to list, share and sell pre-market and private real estate offerings in an improved and efficient way. The launch of HipPocketz has streamlined a previously tedious approach to accessing and marketing pre-MLS and pocket listings. Growing concerns over unclear and disorganized listing syndication feeds has contributed to an increasing number of agents selling homes outside of the MLS. HipPocketz puts quality data back into the hands of real estate agents while providing secure solutions to issues off-MLS listings previously experienced like limited exposure and potential Fair Housing violations.

Island Wood

“HipPocketz is agent-centric, and has bridged the gap between small boutique offices and huge national brokers. The site is equipping agents with tools to better serve their clients and sell more real estate,” says Megan DiBartolo, Originating Founder and licensed real estate agent since 2003. “Members can log on 24 hours a day from almost any device and immediately access a previously non-existent centralized, searchable list of real estate listings. Agents have busy lives and many work from mobile offices. Our goal is to allow them the ability to list and share a property from their preferred device within 7 minutes or less whether they are leaving a listing appointment, hosting an open house or relaxing on a beach somewhere.”

Agent members are able to share listings on HipPocketz without having to worry about their listing data being unfavorably distributed or having to buy back listing inquiries after their listing has been syndicated. Sellers can rest assured knowing their agent is gaining the maximum quality pre-market and pocket listing exposure and buyers have more property options to select from creating a win-win for agents and their clients. HipPocketz has created a site that unites agents, building a professional and profitable network of support to help grow their business and offer better solutions resulting in more successful sales for their clients.

For more information about HipPocketz visit http://www.HipPocketz.com or follow us on Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/HipPocketz or Twitter @HipPocketz.

[Original press release via PRWeb]